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Another day ….

29 Nov

Why the hell does it take such a long time for me to get it together and finish my Shanghai posts??

Anyways, we went to the place my boyfriend grew up.. I even met his parents 🙂

Before meeting them we had a little walk around to let him reminisce about his childhood ~

We stopped at the local grill ! Seriously.. From my experience in China, whether it’s alive or not, it’s still fit for human consumption     -_-‘


The big blocks are tofu, but I cannot remember what the other thing was. Actually the only things I can remember are Oysters, seaweed, tofu, chicken heart (!) which by the way was pretty nice and succulent ~ We also had bone marrow and cow stomach. I’m very open about new food, but the taste of cow stomach was kindda blah for me. The first bite was fine, the next one was.. plain. But I would say it’s definitely worth the try, because you feel a little bit awesome when you go back to Denmark and let everyone know how cool and brave you were for trying all this food ♥

My boyfriend was so silly to let us eat the nice grill food, because since it was the mid-autumn festival his mother prepared some really nice food T_T  Sorry 妈 ~

We were so full but we tried our best to eat as much as we could! After that we had some  moon cake. And as you probably know one cake contains at least 590 calories… And I think we all ate one each!! I don’t even wanna know how many calories I actually ate that day!

After dinner…..

‘Oh, how I wish I could go back to Shanghai and buy all the silly street market stuff!!! Cute girl with yellow hair, next year you’ll be mine ~♥ But I can ensure you that I’m not gonna be cheesy and buy couple keychains 🙂

Many people enjoying the festival~

The bond.

Oh no, the picture has so much noise -_-

Growing up in a small country like Denmark makes it difficult to imagine how big and beautiful something can be. The first time I saw the bond I was astonished and I felt like my eyes were all over the place. I also got to know the story behind it, but I’m not gonna bore you here and besides, I’m not so good at explaining. If you have 5 minutes to spare, google it ♥

And I got a manicure! We went to Tony Studio and both of us got a haircut. I didn’t try to get my nails done in Changchun, because I don’t trust the quality, besides they will double the price since I’m a foreigner. No thanks. Same goes for haircuts. Another thing is that I prefer simple design instead of looong square shaped nails with all the possible bling on it. I’m still wondering whether I should have tried it once just  for the sake of it…

As you can see from the picture I also asked the girl to only bling 4 of my fingers. Doesn’t it look elegant and clean? 🙂 Another thing is that having long nails makes me imagine all the dirt in there T_T

I hate my short hobbit fingers~~~~! T_T

Hello, I’m a lion 😦

They made me go from this…..



My hair has NEVER been so straight!

After that, we decided to go to the nearest spa to relax ourselves after a long day of leisure 😛

We got a single room, and the session took about 2 hours. The spa was inside a hotel 5 star hotel with gatekeepers and all that (!!)

We mostly got face massage, and the staff used Skinceuticals ~ It was so relaxing and I even think I fell asleep 😦 After the massage, we could freely use the room’s sauna, bath tub and shower. The cute staff members always made sure we had refreshments~

It was not so expensive, 1600 RMB for two people!! Everything was included!




Last  picture~

It was a crazy situation. I don’t know what the funniest thing is. A girl in pajama or the fact that the shop is actually called : ” Sexual health”????


Coming up with the next post ~ ♥♥♥♥



18 Nov

Oh My God… Oooh My God…. Ooooooooh my god!

The highly anticipated entry about Shanghai! Yes it’s here! I’m sure all my fans have been tossing and turning in bed waiting for my next entries! Well, I have good news for the 3 of you.

I have 28937294792 pictures from Shanghai, and after sorting and deleting I still have 374683 left, so what I’m planning to do is to divide my entries into a lot of small entries, only containing photos. The last post will be a rant about China and my experiences !

Shall we start?



We went to a rolling sushi restaurant.



Can you see how many plates I took? I’m such a pig!

I sure do ~


On our way to Hangzhou (杭州)

Unfortunately, we only had time to visit the beautiful lake Xi Hu. (西湖)    I would have LOVED to travel around in Hangzhou for a week. Seriously, after coming back to Denmark I googled Hangzhou, and saw so many other places I could’ve visited!    So sad…

Can you believe it? we spent a WHOLE day at the lake? Of course we also used the time to pamper our stomachs with some nice food ♥

Envious? ♥ This is just 0,00001 of all the delicious food we ate!

I have a lot of food porn to share, yum yum !

The view from the restaurant we went to.


In Uniqlo.

After walking around the lake we went into the shopping mall..

Honey getting bored in the changing room.

I got paparazzied when I was trying the clothes..

Leave me alone!!

See what the humidity did to my hair…

Inside Hotwind

pretty shoes~

Bought these ballerinas 🙂

Also bought these blue heels. Pretty but not suitable for winter 😦

Honey said that this little girl looked like me.. After looking at her a bit more, I also realized…

After walking around in the shopping mall, our stomachs were crying for some TLC.  Mango cheesecake!

Cute springrolls!

If I remember right, this was some kind of lime lemonade.

OMG, so yummy I could die..

Smelly tofu!!! 臭豆腐!

Honey ordered it, and oh my god, it smelled like shit! sorry to say T_T

Our friends and I couldn’t even bear to sit next to him, but somehow we managed it.

Om nom nom~

Don’t know what it’s called in chinese, but in korean it’s called 팥빙수( patbingsu)

It’s sooo delicious, definitely a must try!

Evening walk

The lights were so beautiful and many people came to watch it~

Unfortunately, we couldn’t get nice photos in the evening because we didn’t have a tripod 😦

On our way home, we were so sleepy~

But the seats were so uncomfortable !-_-‘


That’s it! I have just shown my hangzhou trip, and I’m gonna blog more~

I have so many photos to upload so it will take some time..

Phew, after this entry I was so tired to upload photos 😦

tata for now ♥