Changchun, China ! ♥

4 Nov

Here’s my old post about Changchun!!     around the 22nd of august!

Oh hell yeah. I made it to China.

The journey itself was.. expressed in a nice way, interesting. I don’t know what else I can say.

So everything started out fine, I finished packing, bought some groceries and even had a lot of time to sit down a have some tea and fruit with my sweet bf~ :’)

We left the house pretty early and the train came like 1 minute after we went down on the platform
We arrived 50 minutes too early. And what does a peaceful anti-stress couple like us do? We go to the only DAMN Starbucks in Denmark.
It was around 6 o’clock and the airport had a very nice and calm atmosphere.

I’m telling you guys, Starbucks is the shit.

We met the rest of the class, finished the check in, and after that….


After boarding the ridiculously CROWDED plane, finding our seats, fastening our seat belts,  something started to go absolutely WRONG.


Poor 1,86 cm woman who was sitting behind me. it was PHYSICALLY impossible to lower my seat.


I think the picture explains it all.

Sleeping was going to be a bitch. After 7425876457 different sitting positions, I thought:

FUCK everything I’m sleeping on the floor.”YES on the floor. You know, the place where you usually put your feet?

And after 9 hours of back and leg torture, we made it to Beijing airport. And just as we thought we could FINALLY relax, we realize that we’re only half ways. We came to the airport at around 12. The plane to Changchun was departing at 6. The check only opens 3 hours before the flight.

HAHAHA can someone please just kill me????

There’s nothing else to say about this. We didn’t even have the energy to walk around and take a look at the airport. Beijing is supposed to be the biggest airport in the world, am I right?

We just sat there and played the danish game, UNO. As we were sitting there in the airport, and playing this classic game on the floor, a whole crowd was gathering around us. They were taking pictures, pointing and laughing at us. Of course not in a bad way. But taking pictures was kind of too much for me.. I mean… Who do they think we are? The fucking EXPO? hehehe~~

I bought a whole MASS of gum, and it only cost 28 Yuan, WTF????? and I also bought the chinese VOGUE and Marie Claire. You know how much it costs? 30 yuan!!!!!!! Loving this country right now, seriously, hehehe~!

2nd post

OH noes!
Last time I updated was the 22nd.. Oh Lord. It’s kindda strange that I’m in an apologetic mood. I mean… I’m acting like hundreds of people are reading my blog and like I get hate messages every hour for neglecting blogging… When in reality… I’m lucky if 3 people are reading my blog.    ( Thank you honey!) Oh the joy of having a boyfriend, rite? He is OBLIGED to read all the possible shit I could come up with. He’s even OBLIGED to leave a comment! hehehe~
So the thing is….
I’m been spending (if my math skills are developed enough) 11 days in China!!! I survived 4 days of stomach pain, headache, back pain, and other BRUTALLITY.
Actually it’s not bad! I probably just ate something that my stomach wasn’t pleased with…
Hey, how about I show some pictures~ *plugs stick in, scrolling down, deleting all unacceptable pics*
And without further ado, I’ll cut the randomness and let you see for yourself! Didn’t take so many pictures since I was sick and emo….. 🙂
Pictures from the centre, Ouya (欧亚)
My bad! Crappy camera!!! And my standing position was very DANGEROUS!
And.. Is that me, or is the woman in the left corner giving me “the stare”?

Please excuse my camera skills…

Aww~ Without misunderstanding, this happy guy was selling… nuts 🙂


Herro! Wercome tu China! Nice tu meet yu! Ok ya?”
Other randomness that day:
Aw~ Cute huge head! And yes, that stuff on his chin IS saliva!
Apparently all the chinese freshmen should complete some kind of military training…Poor girls!

And how about I show my room? 😀
Nice and roomy~
And the blue-yellow package on the table is Milk tea! Loves!!!  Everything is very nice, except for a funny looking lamp on the night table!
Bathroom! Bigger and more spacious than I expected~
While being in Ouya, I bought the ‘Laneige Water Sleeping Pack.’ I’m really loving it.. After I started using it, I’m waking up with “WTF smooth skin!” After the first time I used even got shocked, since I thought I was touching a baby’s butt~ And usually I’m very picky when it comes to skincare products. I buy expensive stuff like Exuviance that you can’t even get in department stores…:(  I spend large sums on facials and products… I think it’s only possible to get this stuff from cosmetologists. I swear by these products, and I’m eventually going to write about it.
I bought the Shiseido Tsubaki treatments. Shampoo and Conditioner for 50 RMB each! WTF!
I’m going to buy a lot of Tsubaki treatment stuff when I’m going home!
This post is getting too long… I shall divide it into parts.
Bye~  ♥

3rd post

Changchun Movie Wonderland!

I feel so creative and productive now!
Here’s my trip to Changchun Movie Wonderland!
Without blabbering too much, I’m gonna let you judge~ 

The troupe ready for new adventures

oh yeah, life’s good.

A cute little lake near our school.

The entrance of Changchun Movie Wonderland!

A very cheesy disneyland-esque building…

Cheesy! 🙂

Food porn!

Notice the size of the ice cream…

Notice Mo with his sombrero hat in the lower right corner!

Have no idea what it’s supposed to look like….

I don’t have so may pictures this time, since so many of them were really bad…
Overall we had a good time and the weather was really good. The park is really big and I think there are a lot of places we didn’t go to. It’s even possible to test shoot a real AK47 and a lot of other guns” I know absolutely NOTHING about guns so I can’t provide more details. I don’t suggest to go into the “amusements” since it’s basically a building that will show you a very boring and inexplicable movie.
The weirdest thing is that ALL the amusements close at 5……..

No wonder it’s so empty in there !:D

Anyway a cute place, just kind of expensive. The entrance is over 200 RMB on a normal day, but every tuesday (I think) it’s half price.

Meanwhile in china…..

-The place Lady Gaga gets all her outfits from.

“Be Health”
– Come on everybody, let’s all be HEALTH!

Drink all day, play all night, let’s get it popping, I’m in CHINA, bitch!

Sunday Morning Exercise.

Every sunday at 5 or 6 AM, people gather in the local park to greet the sun and have a light exercise. We took the bus at 5:30 and arrived after 20 minutes.
It gives me such a warm feeling to see the old people dance with passion and their radiant faces and rosy cheeks gives them this glow that can bee seen from miles away.

Today’s band.

What’s with the poses?

Water Calligraphy

The guys having a hangover after last night’s party. Haha, he’s so unwilling to talk to the curious chinese man.

Decided to take a walk…

old vs. modern

North Korean Restaurant With Uncle And Auntie!

It was pretty hard to take a picture, but I just wanted to show the flag~

Live music!
All the people working in there are north korean, and I found out that all the north korean girls speak with a very gentle and cute voice.
The food in there is unbelievable and you get a multiplicity of side dishes !

I’m apologizing for the food porn~

김치  and 깍두기 ~
깍두기 (kkakdugi) is a variety of Kimchi, all the ingredients are the same but the cabbage is replaced with chinese radish.
I’m a self proclaimed kimchi lover:D

Oh gosh, I ate dog meat for the first time in my life…. Tastes a lot like chicken ~

Made this pic extra big to make you jealous~;D

Singing traditional north korean songs.

Look at this CUTE shell in my Bibimbab?

I have a weakness for diminutive food.

Forget your worries, enjoy today and don’t take your thoughts too seriously 🙂

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 



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