Lamb day.

3 Dec


Here are some pictures from when we were eating lamb. Beware! You’re going to be a little bit terrified 🙂


I’m gonna start giving you your daily dose of cuteness~ Unfortunately this cute little fellow was for sale 😦 In Changchun there were so many of these tiny animals for sale, I was so close to take my cell and call my bf in Denmark and beg him to let me buy a little pet!




Ew, creepy man on the left.

Well they sure look like having a blast….









We went to Breadtalk 🙂 I wish Denmark had such a nice pastry chain …..!

I mean, just LOOK at them   ~~

We finally met with bf’s friends…Gosh, they look so Blah… And they are very far from being party people  :p


NOW, are you ready to see the lamb???????






















I Know it doesn’t look so big, but omg, this thing was HUUUUUUUGE. It was as big as half of my body, and I’m 172 cm           0_0

But aside from that, this is the most delicious meat I have EVER tried and I sure have tasted a lot of different meat!

Full and happy, we said bye bye to the dull crowd, and went on a night walk~




The LV store! It was insane!!!!!




I don’t really have so many pictures from that day~

I’m still working hard to finish my Shanghai entries, stay tuned 🙂







♥ Jo







One Response to “Lamb day.”

  1. Eric December 3, 2010 at 9:34 pm #

    the breadtalk pastry look like my friend in the green panda shirt below =)

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