More Shanghai..

22 Dec

New year resolution: Blog more often, fml…

Random Shanghai pics from 25th to 28th  🙂






Inside a store, but I forgot which one… Because in Shanghai, it’s very normal that 5 malls are lined up next to each other o_O



We got hungry as usual…. This was the best hot pot I’ve ever tried, omg!!!!! You basically get a lot of side dishes like chicken feet, DUCK BLOOD and all kinds of greens.. Sounds yummy, right?

The white things are rice noodles, and the dark red stuff is duck blood. First I thought it was some kind of meat, then my bf told me it was duck blood, just when i was about to put it in my mouth. YUCK! But it tasted pretty food actually.. During my stay in China I was living the never-say-no-to-food-that-sounds-or-looks-yucky-lifestyle.


It’s like being 2 meters from nirvana.








This is tofu!!  I know, right?


Macau style egg tarts!!! yummy yummy! You little devils, you are the only reasons I went KFC! I was actually walking around a whole day saying “I want 蛋挞! I want 蛋挞!” and he was like “alright alright alright fml”

Thank you for the dinner ♥

After the dinner we went to American Apparel and bought some cool stuff. I bought a navy pullover ( and a shirred red skirt ( )  ok, HE bought it, but whatever~~~~~~~ We also got a free present, it was a basic T-shirt, and I grabbed at skin colored one…




He bought himself golden shoes from Onitsuka Tiger. Pretty nice! It’s really funny, here in CPH, we’ve had so many people on the streets coming up to us, asking him where he bought his shoes…

The next day….




We went to a uh.. Mix-your-own-soup place .. 😀  you basically just go around and choose what you wanna put in you hot pot. Everything cost between 1 to 5 yuan 🙂

And btw, that girl has some nice legs o_O


The result! Yummy yummy!



oddly enough this european style building was standing in the middle of everything…



Later the same day we decided to go to the top floor of the Shanghai World Financial Center.

Oh, and did I mention that I have a TERRIBLE fear of heights??? No? Well now you know, fml. We went there in the evening and when we were approaching the elevator I was thinking “FML FML FML FML FML PLEASE LET THE ELEVATOR BE OUT OF POWER!

First we had to learn the story behind the building…


I know right? OMFG. Every time I took a step my heart skipped like 4 beats and I was holding my breath the whole time… Seriously my legs felt like jelly -_-


We went like 4 floors down …


My classmates called it the “beer opener,” cos the top looks like a beer opener.. pretty cute still 🙂


The day after I went to a Water Village with my class mates.

The weather was a bit blah but I still managed to take some nice pictures 🙂








Omg I want all of them 😦

I want my apartment to be like this :

This picture is taken from Baudouin’s photo series, ” I am a parisian lady”




Do you fancy some nice and succulent pig calf ?


uh… well… uhm… no comments :p


Oh no the picture is too dark… anyway.. We decided to try the boat.. 🙂



Oh my fucking god the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!!!!!!!

I asked her 你叫什么? (what’s your name?) and she was like 美女。。。。。。。Omg… Cute!!! You just got yourself a ticket back to Denmark with me~




The end~


The bad thing is that I don’t remember the name of this water village o_O The weather was a bit bleah, but it was still a nice experience~

The last Shanghai Post is coming up!!!!!!! I’ll try to upload it today after work ~




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  1. Eric December 22, 2010 at 10:26 pm #

    i don’t want that apartment…

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