The last Shanghai post!

23 Dec

Hello ~ 🙂

So here’s the very last Shanghai post!

From the 28th.

I miss Shanghai 😦

In China, only the cool people wear C-star. NO G-star. Get used to it.

Seeing something you like?


We went to a karaoke bar with some friends and ate japanese food, yum~

From the 29th

The place we lived ~

From the french concession.

This is how chinese people dry their stuff…

I can has a bird?

The city square

This is a traditional Chinese pharmacy! I saw some ginseng-ish stuff that cost 15.000 yuan..

I can has one more cat?

This is it! Hope you enjoyed my Shanghai pictures, it took 4934875 hours to upload them and I’m happy i finally did it!

Good night, sleep tight ♥


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