Sushi Style, Købehavn (Copenhagen)

11 Jan

It’s been one week, and NOTHING has happened. The only highlight of the week was that we went to a sushi restaurant. The reason why I suddenly decided to blog is because the experience was so damn Uh.. Memorable that I decided to dedicate this entry to “sushi style.”

From now on, I’m gonna rate and review all the places I go eat to  prevent other people from wasting time and blogging about it like me, wtf…….

So let’s begin. I’ll rate it 0,23 out of five. The unfortunate thing was that I was effin hungry, cos I was expecting a sushi feast, wtf….We got our feast though. We ordered 50 pieces of sushi, and because it was a special one day offer, it cost 250 kroner. Normally it cost around 400-500 kr….. *_* Btw, when you’re really hungry most blah food will look like

Crème brulée.

Interior: Truly wtf interior. The furniture looked like IKEA’S last minute sale, as if IKEA wanted to get rid of it so bad that they just hand it out for free on the street…..It’s the kind of furniture that’s only acceptable in the cafe of museums…..And most of the decoration was from Søstrene Grene. Basically it’s not a place I would sit for more than one hour.

I have a personal rule when it comes to eating out. If there are Glamour, Cosmopolitan or Marie Claire magazines from the summer 2009 or or something like that laying around, I automatically subtract 2 stars. Laugh all you want I’m being serious here.

Food: Now this is the fun part. STRANGELY the sushi was not prepared with SUSHI RICE, wtf.

STRANGELY the green tea, which we expected to be MOMENTOUS since it cost 50 kroner, actually tasted like hot water.                                                                             And now for the most hillarious part. The sushi menu we ordered, included wontons. Great! So we waited and the waitress brought us a teeny tiny plate with three teeny tiny pieces of wonton. My bf and I smiled at each other, because we thought the waitress was playing a joke on us, and she actually had more wontons for us.Then we realized  they were dead serious  ……

WTF! This is the only thing that can describe what was going through our minds. Btw, the wonton tasted like flour.

Service: Nothing really special… Not bad but not really good.

Cute staff: check.

Ok, I’ll increase with 0,5 star, only because the girl was a cutie.

OVERALL RATING : 0, 73! Congratulations!


2 Responses to “Sushi Style, Købehavn (Copenhagen)”

  1. Eric January 11, 2011 at 3:27 pm #

    In case, you should provide the address for any potential explorer!

    Here it is: Sushi Style, Toldbodgade 7, 1253 København K

  2. mette January 13, 2011 at 7:26 pm #

    hahahaah this is hillarious

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